We are a well-recognized clinic providing an innovative biotechnological treatment of sexual disorders based on stem cell therapy as well as offering many more services for treating sexual dysfunctions.

We’ve obtained a license to conduct clinical procedures using stem cells with the help of approved treatment methods and providing the therapies in accordance with international standards of medical care quality.

Our Achievements

Our clinic boasts a team of highly qualified scientific and medical staff happy to help our patients resolve almost any sexual health issue. Continuous personnel development and exchange of experience with colleagues from leading world clinics allow us to consider ourselves to be one of the best sexual healthcare procedures providers in the US.

We are continuously expanding the range of medical services and developing new scientific directions in the niche of stem cell treatment.

We’ve got vast experience in the storage and clinical use of stem cells.

Our clinic is equipped in accordance with international standards and requirements for the processing and storage of stem cells.

Our clinic has a longstanding experience in curing patients from around the world, so we can ensure our patients get the best care possible. We are one of the recognized leaders in the introduction of stem cell and tissue therapies into clinical practice.

Our Vision

Our highly qualified personnel combine the experience of predecessors with the latest developments in global evidence-based medicine. We provide an Individual integrated approach to the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Our cutting-edge technologies and modern equipment enable us to get the most precise diagnostic results and prescribe multi-stage individual treatment aimed to eliminate both the reasons and the sequences of any specific disorder.

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