A unique multi-stage stem cell unique therapy uses stem cells from the patient’s own blood-derived and/or adipose fat-derived MSC stem cells.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction or ED is also called treatment for impotence. ED is generally defined as a repeated inability to have or keep an erection for sexual intercourse. The actual term impotence can also be sometimes used to describe other physical issues that can interfere with regular sexual intercourse or reproduction.

Erectile dysfunction is a very specific diagnosis that makes it clear that other problems such as premature ejaculation and emotional barriers are not involved. Patients often report damage to blood arteries, muscles, nerves, or tissues in the reproduction area which usually leads to a diagnosis of penile dysfunction. Stem Cells to treat ED can help solve the issues naturally and treat it at its root via non-surgical stem cell regeneration therapy.

Nearly 80% of all ED (Erectile Dysfunction) diagnosis can be attributed to the following medical conditions and are treatable with stem cell treatment for erectile dysfunction:

  • diabetes;
  • neurological diseases;
  • chronic alcoholism or drug abuse;
  • kidney disease;
  • heart disease or vascular disease;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • multiple sclerosis.

How stem cells can treat penile dysfunction?

Almost 62% of all men with type 1 or 2 diabetes experience some form of erectile dysfunction frequently. ED is usually a side-effect of a more serious health problem that can have a large impact on the happiness and overall quality of life of men and their sexual partners.

Fortunately, thanks to modern medicine, there is finally hope for treatment using stem cells to treat erectile dysfunction. Please note that our doctors will look to treat the cause of your ED so any underlying medical conditions such as diabetes would have to be treated first/alongside your treatment protocol for ED.

Multi-Stage Stem Cell Treatment for ED

Multi-stage stem cell unique therapy uses stem cells from the patient’s own blood-derived and/or adipose fat-derived MSC stem cells.

Cell Therapy works to fix the root of the ED problem which is usually attributed to improper proper blood circulation in the penile area. Our ED specialists have worked wonders by creating new blood vessels for our clients suffering from ED through a natural process called “Angiogenesis”.

Angiogenesis or creating new blood vessels in the penis is very similar to the decades-old cord blood stem cell therapy for patients suffering from CAD (coronary artery disease), CHF congestive heart failure, PAD, or Peripheral Vascular Disease, and cardiomyopathy.

The medical data has proven that MSC stem cells injected locally & through IV drip is very effective for near and long-term improvement in blood circulation, libido, sleep, appetite, and overall health. The effects achieved with our clinic are permanent and 100% safe and without any side-effects.

Previous research has proven the benefits of Cell Therapy for ED and the data is substantiated in the scientific literature for stem cells of “MSC” mesenchymal origin. Your blood and fat are the most abundant source of MSC stem cells in the body.

MSC stem cells from the blood can be easily extracted from your body and expanded in our state of the art stem cell lab, without any moral or ethical concerns. We do not use or offer embryonically derived or animal-derived “Live Cells” for any stem cell treatment we offer.

The MSC stem cells can be harvested from your blood or fat without the need for any invasive surgery (as is required in bone marrow stem cells) and there is no risk of any rejection since the cells are autologous (from your own body). Our unique stem cell treatment protocol calls for “Expansion” of your MSC stem cells that help increase healing capacity by 200 to 300%.

ED Stem Cell Therapy

All of our stem cell treatments use the patient’s own stem cells (Autologous) without the need for any additional medicines or chemicals or hormones.

The Treatment for ED – Overview

Initial Consultation. Each Client will receive a complimentary consultation and facilities tour prior to treatment: Your medical history, current medications, and expected outcomes will be thoroughly discussed.

Stem Cells Harvest. Our stem cell doctors will extract your stem cells from your peripheral blood or adipose fat (via mini-Liposuction).

Stem Cell Expansion and PRP. MSC stem cells are isolated then expanded in our stem cell lab before it is finally activated using PRP and growth factors.

Stem Cell Injections. Minimum of 2 injections (locally and IV Drip) over 5 days: The stem cells are administered back into the patient through direct injection and IV drip.

Follow Up and Return Home. Total treatment time is around 10-14 nights with a follow-up examination taking place before the 10th or 11th day. After your follow-up visit, you will be discharged to return home.

Please note that not everyone is a good candidate for stem cell therapies. Patients requesting treatments must be clinically diagnosed with ED by a urologist in their home or in the USA. Patients with severe conditions or multiple dysfunctions that limit travel may also not qualify. Please contact us for more information.